Eday Ranger

Eday Tourism Association - rockpooling on Eday

Visitors and residents are invited to join Gillian the The Island Ranger throughout the year. Gillian who lives on Eday leads regular walks and manages a variety of activities.

During the spring and summer seasons this might be rockpooling on one of Eday’s shores, guided walks on (and off) the island’s footpaths, bird watching in one of our hides, discovering Eday’s industrial heritage or just about anything that involves the outdoor world. In the winter months you might brave less clement weather to visit Grey Seal Pups or stay in the warm enjoying a slideshow or talk.

Eday Tourism Association - Seal pup
Seal pup

Visitors to Eday can expect an unparalleled experience on a remote Orkney Island including a must for bird watchers with over 180 species of birds spotted on Eday in the last few years. Miles of unspoilt coastline from the rugged sheer sandstone cliffs of the Red Head to the golden sands of Mussetter Beach with heath and bog between all brimming with flora, fauna and wildlife. One of the most popular activities with both young and old is Rockpooling. This is a great way way to explore the marine environment.

Eday Tourism Association - Seal Watchers
Residents and visitors to Eday gave the
annual seal pup walk their Seal of Approval
after this years outing.

On a bright sunny Saturday morning 20 folk joined Ranger Gillian Skuse for a guided walk around Fersness Point to observe the numerous seals and pups. All age groups took part in the walk and were able to view the pups up close. The morning ended with a most welcome soup and sandwich at the Roadside Inn.

Eday Tourism Association - Gillian, Eday island ranger
Gillian, Eday island ranger
Eday Tourism Association - rockpooling on Eday
The Ranger with the Eday Primary School
Children working with the Archaeologists
at Green Farm. This excavation takes place
every year in August and is undertaken by
members of the British Excavation
Volunteers & Archaeological Research
Society (BEVARS).

Feel free to contact Gillian to discuss your requirements, all activities can be adapted to suit the individual or groups needs. The Ranger is also able to provide visitor information including transport and accommodation available on the island.

Gillian The Ranger also undertakes community projects such as tree planting, survey work and helps provide interpretation by producing leaflets and display material.For more information please contact the Island Ranger

Gillian Skuse
Mobile: 07908 148004


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